Google Webmaster Updated with New User Interface

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Woww... Google webmaster updated with the new user interface and featured report data view of the website. In newe UI design google combine few data in single report view currently they have published official blog they are in progress of migration of additional feature. let's take a look what is in new user interfaces design.


Currently, google webmaster set to default on the old design you have to click on the domain which is verified in google webmaster. click on that you will see a tab name "Try new google interface"


As the welcome page, once you entered you will see the status of your verified domain. You will 3 views of the graph.

  • Performace
  • Index coverage
  • Enhancement

As we consider this is the first version of Google webmaster new look or beta look. Currently, they just released 3 view reports as said above.

Now take a look in detail.

Performance: In performance tab report view you can see the Total impression, Total click, Average CTR, Average position. Ref.

Index Coverage

In this report view, you can see an error about website pages indexing in detail.

As the shared reference image, you can the tabs Error, Valid with warnings, valid and Excluded. Ref.


You know pretty well about the Google Sitemap. It is written in XML[extentible markup language] which contains the URL list in the specific syntax you want to index in SERP.

Where you can submit your domain sitemap and get the more detail about submitted sitemap with error and warning.

Coming Soon

As Google blog said some feature they have in process of development and some of the migration as you can view. Ref. ?

Here is all about the new interface of google webmaster blog.

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Add video view of google webmaster.

Why is a report missing in new Search Console?

If you don't see your favorite old Search Console report in the new Search Console, it's probably because of one of two reasons:

e haven't migrated it yet. (Most likely reason) We're in the process of building the new Search Console, and it will take some time. Most likely your favorite report (or some version of it) will be in the new Search Console in the coming quarters.

We've found a better way to present that data. We won't migrate every report in exactly the same way if we've found a better way to present the same data. In some cases, we might combine a few different types of data together, or we might include the report as part of a flow, rather than a top-level report by itself. Whatever the case, we won't stop showing data that is important to our users; we just might show it in a new, more useful way.